A partner you can trust

Although independent, Mampudi Manqoba Funerals have associations with some leaders in the industry, such as 21st Century Life and Mzansi Funerals. This means that you have somebody with a wealth of experience in dealing with such delicate matters. So you can now rest assured knowing that your funeral is being handled with the greatest respect, care, reliability and dignity. For years, we have noticed how many families end up spending money they don’t have just to get that much deserved dignified funeral. We are proud to announce that you now have a partner you can trust in giving you the funeral you deserve, at a price that will not send you to umashonisa.


Our Purpose

At Mampudi Manqoba Funerals, our purpose is to ensure that you get a caring, dignified and reliable funeral without having to pay an arm and a leg, leaving you in debt, long after you have said goodbye to your loved one. We aim to make sure that the loss of a loved one doesn’t leave you with unnecessary debt.